Hey! You! Wanna chat and make new friends?  Well!  You’re VERY lucky!  ‘Cause you’ve have found the RIGHT page!

The Talking Page! You can chat, ask, or give a cheat!  But you need to follow these rules:

1. Don’t spam like testing smilies.

2. Never post things like, insults, bad words or no giving out Poptropica accounts. (only if you REALLY don’t want it!)

3.  This page is to talk about Poptropica.

4.  No calling people “gangsters”.

5.  No bulling others. (Because this is not a bulling site!)

GOLDEN RULE: The PHB team is right. Treat others the way YOU want to be treated!



11 Responses to “TP”

  1. erlinda10 Says:

    […] Talking Page […]

    1. zanygamer Says:

      Hi erlinda10! Nice blog!!!!! Like it. Hmmm….you have the same theme as me. That is so cool!

      Cheerful Goose: Thank u! You WILL be featured in my NEW post! Coming Tuesday!

      1. zanygamer Says:

        You’re welcome! Thanks for putting me on your new post! You are awesome!

      2. zanygamer Says:

        Hey erlinda10/Cheerful Goose! I would like you to get the picture from this link:


        Cheerful Goose: Thanks! I will post that! In my new post coming Monday!

      3. zanygamer Says:

        Thanks, thanks, and thanks again!

  2. Speedy Crown Says:

    and I hope we can be friends!

    Cheerful Goose: We will. 😉

  3. Detective Crown Says:

    cheerful goose how many comments have you had so far not counting this one

    Cheerful Goose: 41. Thanks for asking. 😆

    1. zanygamer Says:

      Coolio! Keep it up! 🙂

    2. Speedy Crown Says:


  4. cuddly crush Says:

    sure ur right be nice and this web is so cool and if u wanna see mine plz go to gloriabutterfly202.webs.com

  5. cuddly crush Says:

    and mine username is 303603

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