This is the FAQ and the extras page.


Q: Can I become an author?

A: No sorry. 😦 You can! And you can be featured as poptropican of the month or of the day or year! (year: buying credits for me. 1000.)

Here is the EXTRA part.

Here is the links

There where too many pages. 😦 So I had to use links. 😀

Q: How can I be in your blogroll?

A: You could be in my blogroll by being kind here, having 3 or more stars in your rating, or thinking of new ideas. (1 or 2)

Q: Exactly where did you get your ideas in your posts or pages?

A: Poptropica Creators’ blog, or Poptropica itself, or from my brother, commentors , or other blogs. ( I DIDN’T COPY THE IDEAS.)

Q: Could I give ideas?

A: Yes. You can give them in the Poptropica Ideas pages.

Q: Will you be adding new pages soon?

A: Yes. It depends on the commentors.

Q: Which is you favorite blog?


Q: What is Cheerful Goose’s blog?

A: A blog for activities, tips, guides, and popropica thing that have come.

Ask some questions, chat here, or do anything you want in here. 😉

Here is the EXTRA part. The links.

Enjoy this blog and have fun! 😆

5 Responses to “FAQ and Extras”

  1. Speedy Crown Says:

    Hey Cheerful goose! I love your blog! I hope it does great!

    – speedy crown

    P.s. my parents are at vegas so I dont feel too happy. 😥

  2. Sparkle Star/Green Seal Says:

    Awesome blog, CG!

    1. Thanks! Your blog is my favorite blog!

      1. zanygamer Says:

        Yeah, mine too!!

      2. Sparkle Star/Green Seal Says:

        Gee, thanks, guys! Your blogs are pretty awesome too!

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