Hey everyone! This is the POptropica ideas page. The other one. It got deleted by accident. 😥 But this is the new one.

This one is the page to chat about your ideas.

But you still need to follow these rules:

1. No spamming

2. Don’t say bad words!

3. you can agree to ANYBODY’S ideas.

4. You can put your ideas in here ONLY.

5. You can ask about other people’s ideas such as, “what will it look like?”

6. And finally……………….HAVE FUN!

Goose Rule: Never, EVER say “That’s MY idea!” Because that will cause violence!


I think you people WILL act nice! 😆

5 Responses to “PI”

  1. Speedy Crown Says:

    Violance makes me sad. 😦 I hope that wont happen on this site! 🙂 I wounder if they will bring back MCI. I have a picture of what it would look like if you would like me to email it to you! And me and smiles (A.K.A Jumpy fire) made a MCI pettion and see if the creators will get our e-mail! You can join if you want!

    1. zanygamer Says:

      Hey Cheerful Goose!!! I have an idea! You could make a poster with all these awesome poses and then it could be dances moves or ninja moves, whatever.

      1. zanygamer Says:

        I mean like taking snapshots of your Poptropican in random times, like when your Poptropican runs, or when they jump.

      2. Magic Sword Says:

        that would be cool!and awesome!

      3. Yep! I think it’s great!

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