Hey! You! In front of the screen! Yeah you! Wanna get featured “Poptropican of the Month”? You would need to e-mail me your poptropican in http://www.erlindatellez@gmail.com. To get featured you need to:

1. Be nice

2. have at least 3 medailions

3. get at least 5 ideas in the Poptropica Ideas page

4. and have fun! 😆

If you follow these rules, then your poptropican will be in this page for a month! After a month, then I would look for another one! But don’t worry! Your poptropican picture will still be here forever!

Two poptropicans for August! Shaky Clown and Tii! Congrats, you 2! You are the poptropicans of the month!

Here is Shaky Clown!

Here is Shaky Clown!

You may remember this picture!

You may remember this picture!

Congrats! 😆 😆

Too bad it’s only one. But it’s………………………………………………SPEEDY CROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats, Speedy Crown!!!

Poptropican for Sept. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poptropican for Sept. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!

16 Responses to “Poptropican of the Month”

  1. zanygamer Says:

    Thanks, thanks, thanks, and thanks Erlinda10! That was very nice of you!

  2. Speedy Crown Says:

    your very nice erinda10!

    1. zanygamer Says:


      1. Thank u! Speedy Crown, I will add you in my post tomorrow or today! (you will need to give me an image of yourself. :wink:)

      2. zanygamer Says:

        Well, I just gave you the image because I don’t like my icon being stretched.

      3. Speedy Crown Says:

        and thanks! sorry i didnt put this in whole comment. 😳

  3. zanygamer Says:

    Congratulations, Shaky Clown!

  4. zanygamer Says:

    Hey….who’s Poptropican of the Month now? It’s September! Which reminds me…..I have to change cakes.

    1. Speedy Crown is Poptropican of the month.

      1. zanygamer Says:

        Awesome!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  5. jorjeea Says:

    darn i only have 1 medal 😦 lol

    1. zanygamer Says:

      That’s too bad. But I can help you get another.

  6. zanygamer Says:

    Hey, Cheerful Goose! Are we still going to do Poptropican of the Month? Just wondering.

    1. Sure. Can you decide? I’ve been deciding a lot. So since you’re the author, you can decide. And Speedy Crown can decide too!

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