Wow! New things! I can’t believe I miss Poptropica for a long time!

Anyway, I’ll leave you with those poss I missed.

See ya’ll later!

First up, “Getting Boar-ed?”

As a hermit I try to avoid meeting people but sometimes it’s hard to find a place to be alone. When I reached this island in the middle of the ocean, I figured I was the only person around for miles. I soon realized this place is full of some of the craziest people I’ve ever seen! Why would anyone run around with a jar of water on their head? It seems dangerous, especially when there’s an angry boar out to get you. I’m going to monitor the situation and see what I can find out.

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The one and only Hazmat Hermit at 2:39 PM


Monday, January 4, 2010

Counterfeit Island is now online!


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The one and only Binary Bard at 11:15 AM


Thursday, December 31, 2009


I decided to rise from the Underworld and see how the new island is coming along. Not quite as cool as where I’m from, but it should be fine for you living, breathing *gag* mortals.

Animadverto vos nunc 😉

Well, bye!


Hi! I am posting about….RTV!!!!! Well, I’ll leave you with this wonderful……doughnutty post! XD

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back to Reality

Well after much vacationing, I have again returned to Reality TV Island. I heard the local grocery store had some good donuts, I just don’t know which kind to get.

Well, I guess I should tell my real life friends that I stand corrected. 😛 Because I told them, since they play Poptropica too.  I told them that RTV is coming in may 2010. But that would come sooner. I think. Well, I will tell them. 😀

Later guys.

Hey, guys. Sorry I wasn’t here. It’s just that I was knitting a scarf and I’m finished! It’s a gift for my mom. Anyways, I got three things to show you.

Yay! A video!

Counterfeit Island is almost here! We are offering 200 FREE CREDITS for all the Poptropicans that complete Counterfeit Island during the Early Access period. More details to follow!

Until then, please enjoy the world premiere of the new
Counterfeit Island video!

Enjoyed it? I did. I’m excited.

Poptropica’s Newest Island is Now Available!

Can you foil the thief who is out to steal some of the world’s most famous artwork? Be among the first to explore and solve the mystery plaguing Counterfeit Island!

You can play right now with the Early Access Pass! It’s available in the Poptropica Store for 500 credits. Ask a parent to buy credits or earn them by solving other islands.

We’re offering 200 FREE CREDITS to Poptropicans that complete Counterfeit Island during the Early Access period.

Counterfeit Island will be available to the public in January 2010. For those of you expecting Reality TV Island…Stay tuned. And don’t forget to sign up for the next island release alert.

And I don’t have enough! Oh, well. And Starting march 1st, I won’t be here to post because of violin classes! After school. Sorry. Only on Mondays and Wednesdays……Christmas is coming in 4 days, so I hope your Christmas goes great! Bye.

ok, first of all, I GOT A NINTENDO WII!!!!!!! Because of that, I won’t be posting that often. 😦

second: Candy cane!!!!

To make the Poptropica holiday season a little more festive, we are giving out FREE candy canes in our store! You can also impress (or scare) your friends with the Crazy Candy Cane Costume. Happy Holidays!

Candy Cane! Candy Cane! Candy Cane!

And finally…….a dragon that looks like a weird face!

Here is some concept art for Counterfeit Island. Watch out for the Gatekeeper! You will only like him when he’s…crazy.

[what do you mean by crazy!?!]

The Haaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stands for breathing fire.

Well, that’s all. And remember that I’m not going to post much.

Ok. Noodlehead adventure first!

Here’s a sneakpeak of this little guy’s adventure.

A little getaway While exploring more of Counterfeit Island, I saw a quaint little cottage just outside of town, that would be a great vacationing spot.

See? Ok. SNOW GUY!!!!!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

We've added some festive stuff to our Poptropica Store. Check it out!

Ok. GTG. I gotta do the history 5-paged report about the Trail of Tears.(It has to include 20 sentences or more. It’s due on Monday.) Bye!

You know that post below? I thought it was real. So my 18-year-old brother did all this. We have the same IP address. (since we share the same computer.) And I knew that wasn’t her! 😀 Sorry for the scare. So GS, do you still think I’m the ememy?

I only want Green Seal to see if she posted this of if it was a impersonator. BTW, I am in 6th Grade. If you look at the new beard post in, you can see that the impersonator called me a 5th grader even though I’m not.

Here’s the picture of this impersonator. If it’s not the same as you see it, it must have been a huge mistake.


Green Seal is so innocient! IDK why someone did that if that wasn't her.

In case that was her, why did you do it?!  I don’t think she did that. So I think it’s an impersonator.