ok, first of all, I GOT A NINTENDO WII!!!!!!! Because of that, I won’t be posting that often. 😦

second: Candy cane!!!!

To make the Poptropica holiday season a little more festive, we are giving out FREE candy canes in our store! You can also impress (or scare) your friends with the Crazy Candy Cane Costume. Happy Holidays!

Candy Cane! Candy Cane! Candy Cane!

And finally…….a dragon that looks like a weird face!

Here is some concept art for Counterfeit Island. Watch out for the Gatekeeper! You will only like him when he’s…crazy.

[what do you mean by crazy!?!]

The Haaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stands for breathing fire.

Well, that’s all. And remember that I’m not going to post much.