New ad! It is kinda hard to explain the guide. But you have to be 6-11 to see it.  It is found on some islands.


Go in of course. Then go to this security door. you have one minute to explore everywhere. I think you might need help on the last one. When it says 1 more left, go as high as you can on the platform you are on, and long  jump. Your Poptropican should say it’s time to fix the REX!  It is so easy, you don’t have to rush. You can go ahead and take your time. After that, you win a Guard Costume. When you press spacebar, the flashlight lights up! 😀 It is the same for the girls and boys.

BTW, I will not be here next week. It is the annual “Shopping for Gifts” week. Where we buy presents. But I’m sure Tii and Zuzu can post whenever there is something new.  They’re great friends. And I hope you notice the new header, the tiny icon where you type in the websites, and the new link button. Tell me what you think in this post. Comment if you think these three things I listed that are new are good or bad. ONLY if you want. It took me hours to make these. 😛 But thanks for reading! Have fun if you’re going shopping for gifts! 😀 😉


And here’s the picture.


I didn't want to post the octopus. It looked, well, kinda creepy....

Look at da snow gun I got!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀