A new ad! I won’t be able to give you a guide because the items come at a different pattern.*people groans*

But I will be able to tell you what to do to make it easier! *people cheers*

Ok. First of all, here’s what Items it goes to.

The flag with a blue dot that has a yellow dimond that is a green flag. (THE BRAZIL FLAG)

  • Tamborine
  • Soccer ball
  • a golden mask that has blue hair. (Well it looks like to me! :D)

The flag with 50 stars and has red stripes. (THE USA FLAG)


  • The electric guitar
  • The action sign
  • the baseball


The flag that has the red leaf on it. (THE CANADA FLAG)


  • Hocky stick
  • the #1 medal
  • the maple syrup


The flag that has the stripes that form an X with red, blue, and white stripes. (THE ENGLAND FLAG)


  • Cricket stick
  • silver bell
  • the purple crown


Here’s what you do if you are trying to pause:

Click on one flag, it doesn’t matter which one! 😀

And here’s what the ad looks like!