A new ad!  Snow Buddies! Usually, there’s a guide. But today, there is a more specific guide! Cuz usually there is a cheap guide. Not that I’m saying that my guides are dumb. But I’m  just saying. 😛 Just kidding. It’s just like the usual. But It’s a little different.



I’ll show you the scene but  not the gifts. It’s a surprise! But I will show what you will do! 😉



Go in of course. Talk to the dog. (That is not a joke. It says that!) Ok. After the dog finishes, you go up into the buildings. There are two dogs up there. One all the way on top, to the right,  and one in the left on second floor! Get outside. On your way, a puppy! Touch it. Ok. Then, you go up but do not jump. But, you go all the way to the right. go up until you see a dog. Get to the tallest rock. You found it. Go to the sled that says Santa Buddies. It is on the third floor.

Now for the thing you are going to do! I got a picture!


WHOO-HOO!!!! This is fun!