Well, It’s been a long time since I haven’t posted. It’s been a while.  *yawns* Well, here is the post that the creators made.

There is a new prize in one of the “Monster” sized quests!

There is also an ad!

Monster Inc.

Wanna guide? Simple. Look below.

Well, you looked above, and now, since some of you want a guide, here.


Ok, first of all, since you can’t beat it if you’re outside! Go inside of course! Well, how are you going to beat the minigame if you don’t go in? Ok, go in the other door on the right. Again, how are you smart people going to beat the quest? Then go up the little elevator-like thing. To make sure a dumb, annoying, hard-to-spy on guys are there, walk slowly and run if there is. (I got busted like…..*counts* 17 times. 😯 ) I have a board and kept it there. LOL. Ok, then go up into a *gasps* A CARD! Keep going left.  Go up that elevator. Then go right. Get it. Then go down the same way you got up. Slowly.  Then go down that tiny elevator-like thing until you see that door activator. Click on it. Then click on that card. Go in. That can be your Poptropican room. 🙂 Get those cards. Two cards are in there. Don’t go in the green one. A CDA is there. Go to the light blue one. Get a card. Is it the orange one? Sweet! It is! Go in it! Wow. Fancy room! Wait! No CDA, no cards, but a person! Talk to her! You found her! You get prizes! A theater, and a funny outfit! Thanks for reading!

And also another ad! A PBS electric center- thingy!

I got the hair Cuz I thought it was cute. And as you can see below. I dressed like a school girl! I love school. It’s fun to learn. But then again, someone can get annoyed by me. 😛 Here it is! No quest. Go to the left and there’s the outfit. I’m using my glitch user.

Don’t make fun. 😉


A bald popstar!

You can customize them.