Thanks to Poptropica updates Blog, Green Seal put up the guide!



They put a question mark, Green Seal point that out.  They should of put an exlamation mark.

Here’s a guide for the advertisement if you want an Explorer’s Outfit:

1. Enter the gigantic block of ice (the advertisement) and jump, walk, run, fly, or llama-ride to the right.   You should see an entrance– which you should, of course, enter.

2. Read the thing that pops up and start.  You’re now in the game and have to collect all of the acorns and give them to Scratte (the squirrel-like animal) in 90 seconds.  Jump to various places where you see an acorn, then get it.  Do this as fast as you can until it says you have 0 left, then click Scratte at the top of a cliff in the center.

3. Something will pop up saying you win the explorer costume.  Congratulations! :D

4. Enjoy your prize or leave it in your inventory to collect dust. (Like what I did). :P

Sweet,  huh?  And also, Happy Halloween!