Wanna guide? Look below!

Wanna guide? Look below!

Here it is! The haunted House! Are you stuck? No worries! Cuz we got you a guide! And read the ones in parenthesis. Some of them can get you the answer of some puzzles.

Haunted house guide:

Ok, first thing, go to Haunted House. (Well, how are you going to beat it without the place?)

Then you’re there. After going to the place, look around the graveyard and you should see a bat! And look! With a key in it’s teeny tiny legs! Get that key! How? Easy! Go on top of that house. Then wait. And wait until you see that bat! Try and touch the bat. You should get the key. (Well, why wouldn’t you?)

Then go inside that house in WAY in the back. Click on that tag-like thing. Your character should say something. (I don’t remember what it says. 😛 )

Then…..LOOK! Flying pipes! Click on them! Until you get that puzzle right! (By connecting it to the boiler.) The steam will take you up! A bottle? Get it. It should be on your item list in the bottom-left corner. (Did I forget to mention that?)

After that. Go upstairs. You can see a cat using the phantom power! (cat goes HORRAY!) Then, go up stairs until you see a picture of a witch. Go above it. Then click on that spider. LOL. Look at that witch. (She goes AHHH!) Then GET THAT BROOM! Whee! You’re flying!  After that, go up in that kitchen. Get into that “hole”. (Well….that what I think it is.)

Go left until you see a chest. Click on that square. Complete the puzzle. ( A Little Hint: The column C goes up and column B goes down and column a goes up. Then Row 3 goes right, row 2 goes left and row 1 goes right. Wow. that was a REALLY big hint.) After you complete the puzzle, grab that cup-like thing and you should get the little icon.

Next, you go to the bedroom on the left. Then click on the two clocks in the fireplace.

You notice that when you roll over one of the clocks, it goes faster. (Well it’s hard to explain. But I know that you roll over the right clock if it’s too slow. Hold it. It might take a while, so do something else while you wait. BUT DON’T EXIT POPTROPICA.) After that, there should be a lantern in the fireplace. Get it. You should have it.

Then……you remember those two knights in those stairs? Jump on the knight that has something on his hand. (In his head.) Then he should let go of it.  Then go to the fridge and open it.  Click on the ice. You should get the ice! The ice should be on your item list. How many items do you have? If you have six, well…..you’re done. Go talk to that cat. If he/she said go to the crying person, go there. You should see a BIG hole. After that go down. You see a witch. She’ll take ALL of your items. Then…..it’s a party! Not scary things! But wait! There’s more! She’ll thank you and……..

She’ll also give you 50 credits! Whoo!

Oh, and also. I THINK girls only get to have this:

The Tinker Bell advertisment! I got a picture!

Tinker Bell

You also get these!

Tinker Bell 2 And that’s all for today! Oh! And notice in Poptropica Updates Blog, Green Seal’s heading is awesome! She says, Happy Halloween!