Hey guys! I’m back! And I got a picture today! This morning!  And there are new outfits at the Poptropica store!

I’ll show the picture I took this morning.

Shaky Clown and Cheerful GooseHere it is! Me and my brother! We chatted, played pathwise (Shaky Clown won) And sky dive (I won) And we had a great time! I forgot what code it was. But it was cool! We posed before I took the picture.now

And….now for the outfits!

Here they are!

Check out the new outfits in the Poptropica Store. Also, a new mini-quest called Haunted House will be coming soon to Poptropica! We hope it doesn’t scare you too much…

Halloween outfitsAnd thanks Tii. For posting for me.  And thanks Speedy Crown. You two will be poptorpican for October! Again! People can be Poptropican of the month more than 1 time! That’s new! 😀 So I hope you enjoy this post!