Hey everyone! I have a jar to do a drawing! The prize is to choose from three choices.

How to play:

First, you e-mail me your poptropican( your best dressed poptropican), and I’ll print it out.

Then Pick your prize from three choices.

1. An account that has 500 credits

2. To be Poptropican of the month

3. To have an account that has the phantom and a poster of your own Poptropican for your desktop. (you need to e-mail me your poptropican.)

Choose ONE only.

I’ll choose TWO winners

The second winner will need to choose from these choices:

1. An account that is a role model. (0 credits)

2. An account that has the light ninja. (Random number of credits)

3. An account that has the gold robot. (Random number of credits)

Choose ONE only.

Enter and see if YOU are the winner of this drawing.