Hi, Cheerful Goose here! 😉

I am here to tell you that I’m not going to chat tommorow, blog tommorow, or have a party tommorow. 😦

Because I’m going to the mall! So to be on topic about Poptropica, You guys can leave a message in the chat window.

You can still comment but I’m not going to reply tommorow. I am the day AFTER tommorow.  So I am going to the mall.

I will miss blogging and…well…it’s only tommorow. 😛 So…I am only posting this because…I want you to be aware that I am going to be gone tommorow. So I am not going to chat in Poptropicalthunder’s blog. 😥

I can’t chat tommorow. If you were going to have a party with me, then save it ’till Thursday. Or you can go ahead and party. 😉

-Cheerful Goose

P.S.: I will miss going to the best blogs ever.

1. Poptropica Updates Blog

2. Poptropicalthunder’s WONDERFUL blog

3. Serious Fox’s Blog

I will be back tommorow night.