Here is the picture they show in their post.

Here is the picture they show in their post.

The movie Race to Which Mountain has 2 aliens inside! You must save them! Collect three key cards (blue, red, purple)

by pushing all three boxes into the buttons (blue, red, purple) and DO NOT get caught by those agent-like guys. After you collected the three key cards, then go back to the main room of that building. Then to the right, (after the green platform)you see a lady with a red lip, then click on the little red, blue, and purple button. (one button) Then the girl will reward you with a UFO, an orange outfit, and a whit outfit. Those aliens turn out to look like humans. 😆 LOL.

They said:

“Hey! There’s an adventure on Main Streets all over Poptropica. Hurry to find out what’s going on!